On Transparency

We’ll return to Steal My Game Idea tomorrow soon. Today, I want to talk about transparency.

I set out from the very beginning (you know, two weeks ago) with the intention of being as transparent and personal as possible with my “company”‘s blog. By this, I don’t mean just talking about what trials and victories I experience over the course of game development (“I suck at network coding and here’s why”), but also things in my personal life, mostly as they relate to dev stuff, but also less relevant things like my [poor] mental health, occasional philosophizing, and, say, poop jokes.

But it’s raised the question of what should be posted where, between this blog and my personal blog. There’s really very little difference between the two. This blog, obviously, has the game dev centricity, while my personal blog has, er, much more swearing, but other than that, each blog is still 100% me.

I bring this up because of a doodle comic I posted this morning on the personal blog about my wife burning her hands on chili peppers. The fact that I have a thing for making webcomics — remember? — is, I think, only slightly relevant WRT gamez, but it’s also a part of my personality, and the whole point of this blog from the outset was to give (potential?) fans a person in this “company” to connect with. It left me torn over which blog the post belonged on.

So it got me thinking, should I just combine my personal blog with this one? Maybe. Maybe not. On one hand, it’d inject a lot of really completely non-game stuff into the “company” blog, while on the other hand, it’d subconsciously stifle my choice of blog topics.

Or would it?

I’ve already decided to drop the “company”‘s separate Twitter account and just use my personal one exclusively, so I still think I may also combine the blogs. We’ll see.

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