Status Report — March 2011

Current project: Fortress

Next milestone: Beta 2 — April

The big news this month is that the Fortress beta has begun! The game is now feature complete. Modes include a Tutorial, Single Player, Single Device Multiplayer, and WiFi/Bluetooth Multiplayer. You can play it, and it’s fun. That’s the first win.

After looking at the results of last week’s crunch experiment, I’ve become convinced that I should start going easier on myself. Because of that, I’m no longer 100% certain that Fortress will be released on the App Store on July 1st. Still going to make it my top priority to hit that date, but I’m not going to declare End Of The World Oh My Gods Run if I don’t.

Hey! Screenshot!

Artsz!That’s the first pass at the card artwork and the background. There’ll be SOME iteration, but I’m already really happy with what Parker has produced. Early feedback suggests the graphics lack depth, too, and Parker and I both agree, but I still imagine this is at least 67% of what the final game will look like. Refinements will come.

Apart from that, most of the time I spent on Fortress in February was devoted to the tutorial, and I’m pretty happy with it so far. The beta testers are already uncovering some serious bugs, of course, but people do seem to be grasping the rules of the game like I want them to. Progress!

Code wise, the tutorial is a mess. Before I started writing it, Fortress was only about 7,000 lines of code. The tutorial brought it up to more like 10,500 lines, mostly because of how sloppy it is. I blame sleep deprivation, on the grounds that sleep deprivation is the sole cause.

But it works and it isn’t TOO much trouble to debug, so hey.

The other news is that Fortress now has an audio person! I would have said audio “guy”, but I don’t want to sound sexist. Although he is male. He’s really good, though! I mean, not despite being male. But not because of being male either!

And now I’m panicking.

So Fortress is moving along. I still feel like July is doable, but I’m keeping an open mind. Onward!

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