On Beer

Indeed!Getting off to a vigorous start in the morning is the most important part of running an independent business. Whatever activities that you find fill you with energy, do them first, and as long as you can stay on the resulting wave of enthusiasm, you’ll have a fulfilling day of satisfying productivity to look forward to.

For me, as soon as I get up each morning, I sit down at the drum kit and whale away until my wrists hurt, then I lift some weights and spend some time on the elliptical, and follow it all up with a cold shower. By the time I’m all cleaned up, I’m wide awake and ready to face my task list for the day.

But first? I have a beer.

9 o’clock schmine o’clock. I want frakking a beer.

Ah yes. A nice, crisp IPA. That’s what the doctor ordered.

Beer for breakfast. It’s a rejection of the social meme that only alcoholics — people with a disease! — drink before noon. It is a signal that the life being lived is a life for its own sake, a life lived in service of itself, not for a starched suit in a corner office, not for an invisible wizard in the sky.

When we drink beer, it is because we feel at liberty to do so. We feel free. The common wisdom seems to be that the part of the beer that helps us relax is the alcohol. I say bullshit. It’s the freedom that relaxes us. And after all, freedom is what being indie is all about.

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4 Responses to On Beer

  1. Josh Jones says:

    110% agreed! Bravo!

  2. Byron says:

    You sir, are a champion!

  3. Andres Kievsky says:

    Yay for alcoholism!