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On Gender Neutral “Guys”

Simple question that has been driving me crazy for a few weeks. I had a big pre-question discussion planned, but I just now changed my mind and decided to simply ask it and step back. Okay. The name of my … Continue reading

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On Monsta Punch! — A Postmortem

I just finished Monsta Punch!¬†yesterday. My goal with this project was to simply gain enough familiarity with Unity and Blender to be able to work at full speed before it came time to begin 2012’s big project. Here! Play it! … Continue reading

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On Suffering For Your Work

It’s horseshit. This kind of plays back to the problem of cowboys in the game industry, but you see it in almost every creative discipline, the idea that it’s noble to suffer in the name of your creation. And let’s … Continue reading

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On Downswings and a Quid Pro Quo cum Pro Bono Producership

My bipolar rhythm has been in the trough stage for a few weeks, so work-getting-doneage has been on a deficiency kick. I finally pulled out of it yesterday, though, and probably in record time (thank you Lexapro and Abilify). It … Continue reading

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On The Nuclear Option With Regards To Test Driven Development

If you’ve been following me on Twitter, you’re aware of a little get-to-know-ya project I’ve been working on to learn Unity and Blender, called Monsta Punch!. You might have even played it (A/D: move; J: Quick punch; K: Heavy punch; … Continue reading

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On a Quid Pro Quo Producership

I’d like to put a call out to the community at large: Would you like to be my producer? This is a strange thing for me to ask for. Moving over to self-employment land had the wondrous¬†effect of extricating myself … Continue reading

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