On a Quid Pro Quo Producership

I’d like to put a call out to the community at large: Would you like to be my producer?

This is a strange thing for me to ask for. Moving over to self-employment land had the wondrous effect of extricating myself from management of all kinds, and now here I am basically asking the world for someone to become my boss.

Why do I want this? Because I am the creative type, and creative types never finish what they’re working on unless someone tears it out of their hands. Thus, I desire a person to help me manage my objectives and hold me to them.

This would be a very¬†low impact commitment, rarely more than a few minutes each week. I would need to sit down with you over Skype or IM at the beginning of the week to hash out what I want to accomplish by the time I stop working Friday afternoon. I would also report my previous week’s progress at that time. All you would need to do is hold me accountable.

In exchange, I offer to provide you the same service.

Interested? Post in the comments or email me at raymerkler@hindrances.com!

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One Response to On a Quid Pro Quo Producership

  1. Great idea Ray. I did this in early December with a new buddy. I asked him to start a Kick Butt meeting, knowing that I will need constant butt kickings to keep pushing on my new business idea or else I would get similar results to the past. Business goals are just part of the butt kickings for me, it also includes family, health and other goals too.

    His set of goals are very different, but it has been great so far. Accountability that forces me to create concrete time bound goals has really been drawing me forward, especially over the holidays which is historically a down time.

    I have been slacking the last couple days, but ‘threat’ of accountability forced me to examine my motives and realize that I have hiding, scared and afraid to lay it out there. One quick meeting today and the crippling effects of personal failure that was hiding just under the surface has already started to retreat.

    A product/platform that facilitated accountability sharing and help create and document these connections might be awesome.

    Keep pushing!