On Off Weeks

Even perfectly sane people — in whose gentle company I cannot include myself anyway — have a bad week from time to time. This week, thanks to Personal Stuff that I could simply not think about were my obsessive brain to afford me the latitude, my bipolar continued its recent downstroke.

I didn’t get any work done, is what I’m saying.

I detest weeks like this. They make me feel like I have no hope in ever succeeding at anything that requires self motivation. The good news is, my brain did settle down for short periods of time that were nonetheless lengthy enough to work out a few implementation-level problems in my head. I spent the rest of my time taking care of myself and letting my brain process what it felt such a desperate need to process.

Thankfully, weeks like this are, if not rare, at least uncommon, and I’ve gotten good at using them to unwind and recharge rather than obsess like my brain wants me to do. I may have only written 20 lines of compilable code this week, but another 200 are waiting in the back of my mind to be slammed into the keyboard come Monday.

I’d intended to have a fun prototype to share with you today. It’ll have to wait until next Friday.

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One Response to On Off Weeks

  1. Rach says:

    Dude — I hear ya! (in the unipolar, semi-sane, incapable-of-writing-code kind of way) I’m blaming the full moon for my utter lack of productivity. Oh and the internet. Next week will be better, I swear…